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13Sep 2013

touch of rough for a more lively place...

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inspiring this morning from Fantastic Frank :

inspiring.. huh this Berlin apartment, a bit grungy...
I love the neon and the gold frame in the blue bathroom

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18Sep 2012

when architecture meets art, history & technology

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The Re-Birth of Palazzo di Vigonovo (Campiello) ; Venice, Italy.


Palazzo di Vigonovo in Venice (locally referred to as the “Campiello”) was damaged by a tragic fire 30 years ago. Cosmo Realty, the owners and visionaries behind the project wanted to return the Campiello to the center stage of the world. Their first step was to put together a team who understood “history and art, new technologies and old ones, the materials must be informed of contemporary trends,” + a team who would “take up the challenge to believe that even a small provincial town, can become place of great artistic performance.”
Le Palais de Vigonovo à Venise (souvent appelé "Campiello" par les locaux) a été l'objet d'un incendie il y a 30 ans.Derrière le projet, propiétaires et visonnaires, Cosmo Realty voulaient remettre le Campiello au centre des intérêts. LA première étape fut de choisir une équipe, capable de comprendre "l'histoire et l'art, les nouvelles technologies et les anciennes, les matériaux et les tendances" + "une équipe capable de relever le challenge et de croire que même une petite ville de Province peut faire l'objet d'une belle performance artistique."


While local architecture firm 3ndy Studio was designing the lost overall center with contemporary language, Artist Giorgio Milani and historian Philippe Daverio were contracted to create a bold and artistic facade.
Today, after a three year renovation, the stunning new Corten steel facade achieves the mission to re-introduce the Campiello to the world.
The intricate pattern of the facade features a meticulously hand drawn pattern by Milani which references the building’s history dating back to 17th century. Milani’s drawings were laser cut with more than 15,000 letters and symbols to reveal a delicate, beautiful facade. Amazing !
Alors que l'agence d'architecture locale 3ndy Studio fut en charge de la reconstruction contemporaine des éléments perdus dans le corps du bâtiment, l'artiste Giorgio Milani et l'historien Philippe Daverio se retrouvèrent avec la mission de créer une façade artistique qui ne passerait pas inaperçue.
Aujourd'hui, après 3ans de rénovation, l'étonnante façade en Corten accomplie sa mission de réintroduire le Campiello au monde.
Le motif intégré dans la façade est un motif entièrement dessiné à la main par l'artiste, faisant référence à l'histoire du 17ème siècle du bâtiment. Les dessins de Milani ont été découpés au laser ; plus de 15000 lettres et symboles révèlent aujourd'hui la très belle façade. Extraordinaire !

Photography by FG+SG architectural photography, via knstrct.

This project is such a wonderful example of what is possible when history, art, architecture and technology unite to create a single grand gesture !!!
Love it !

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20Aug 2012

UdA | Ufficio di Architettura, Italy - great style

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They are Italian, from Torino, and their projects styles are just really REALLY good.

''Loft Susymax, 2006. Private apartment in a 1920′s building in Turin, Italy."

emotionversusreason-UdA-via-victona.JPG emotionversusreason3-UdA-via-victona.JPG Emotion vs Reason, 2009. Private penthouse in Turin, Italy.

Alice in Wonderland, 2008. Apartment in Turin, Italy.

Boxing Life, 2009. Private penthouse in Turin, Italy.

UdA | Ufficio di Architettura was founded in 1992 in Turin by three partners collaborate with a team of architects, designers and graphic illustrators who come from many backgrounds and nationalities.
UdA’s work has been described as “ultra sophisticated architecture with a specific concern for sensory perceptions, materials, light and surface.”

I really appreciate their style and approach : playful but still serious ; rigorous with a hint of incoherence, calculated but improvised…


pics from UdA

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16Jul 2012

just want to live there !

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Today I just had a crush for this creative Townhouse in Chelsea, NY.
I want to go back there and live in this house !
Aujourd'hui j'ai craqué pour cette très créative Townhouse in Chelsea, NY.
Oh oui, j'aimerais retourner là bas et vivre dans cette maison !

A low garden level, with cascading greenery, woodwork and brickwork, leads into a library / office space.

Located in a brownstone landmark townhouse, these splendid residential spaces fluctuate between outside and inside. 3,400 square foot, on three levels. We feel in this renovated residence a search of a balanced composition of textures, colors and light.
Situés dans une historique maison de ville, ces superbes espaces résidentiels fluctuent entre intérieur et extérieur. 3,400 m2, sur 3 niveaux. On ressent dans cette rénovation une recherche d'équilibre entre textures, couleurs et lumière.

Originally partitioned with nice wood doors

Lovely bench on the terrace

Mix of styles ; nice pics gallery

stylish long and narrow living room with a modern fireplace.

designed by Archi-Tectonics.

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