Let's do it today in Graz ; I discovered this great spot via Yatzer.
I unfortunately didn't get the chance to try this spot when I was in Austria a couple of months ago ; but I am quite sure it is worth it.
Partons pour Graz aujourd'hui avec une adresse découverte via Yatzer.
Je n'ai malheureusement pas eu l'occasion de la tester il y a quelques mois lors de mon séjour en Autriche ; mais je suis certaine que ça vaut le détour.

one pic and the ton is set : nice colors ; super lighting ambiance ; vintage hints

vintage style restaurant

good identity, communication - think global

a modern approach to design whilst still embracing the luxurious past

eclectic space - interesting mixes of furniture and accessories

definitely a place that’s not taking itself too seriously. Modern materials and clean lines are combined with modern design and a mixture of retro and vintage style, a contemporary nostalgia. Great job!