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22Oct 2014

Breathtaking view

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Villa E in Morocco by Studio Ko

What gives you more wwwwaaaouuhhh effect to a home, a hotel... than the view ?
Qu'est ce qui donne plus d'effet à une maison, un hôtel... qu'une vue à couper le souffle ?

Villa-E-by-Studio-Ko-in-Morocco-Yellowtrace-20.jpg Sitting at the peak of a hill in the Moroccan mountain ranges, Villa E rises up from the landscape, like a form extruded from the earth. The locally sourced Oika stone walling reads like an extension of the landscape.

Assise au sommet d'une colline marocaine, villa E sort du paysage comme une excroissance de la terre. Une pierre sourcée localement : Oika a été utilisée pour les murs et se lit comme une extension du paysage.

nice mix between contemporary lines and earthy textures of the Moroccan aesthetic
beau mix entre lignes contemporaines et textures terreuses de l'esthétique marocaine

via Yellowtrace

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14Oct 2014

lighting / luminaire : go for a line

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Are you looking for a floor lamp ? not a lot of space ?
Vous cherchez un lampadaire ? pas beaucoup de place ?

Go for one of these models / styles, to think and look out of the box.
Craquez pour un de ces modèles / styles, pour sortir des sentiers battus.

supernova by Delta Light (1150 EUR)

Manana Lamp (335 EUR)

Flos, Aim Cavo Spina by Bouroullec (549 EUR)

OK, Flos, Constantin Grcic (530 EUR)

classic and warm : Gestures of Craft by Elke van den Hoogen

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01Oct 2014

meet the sponsor: Cinnamon Home

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Good morning,
October is there ! Time to start thinking about the holiday season and what you could find for your loved ones./ Octobre est là ! Il est temps de commencer à penser à la belle saison des fêtes et à ce que vous allez bien pouvoir offrir à vos proches.


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to meet the founder of Cinammon Home, an online shop, specialised in Danish design home accessories.
Since years already, the founder, Gabi, has felt in love with Scandinavian homes filled with beautiful, handcrafted objects while she was travelling. Arrived in Luxembourg a few years ago, she thought that it was time to introduce her favourite Scandinavian design manufacturers to the Luxembourgish people. After months of exciting behind-the-scenes preparations the Cinnamon Home online shop opened on 13th June, 2014.

Melinda, an Online Marketing Specialist joined the team and these 2 women are now giving through their website a sleek, user-friendly space, where you can easily find everything.
Cinnamon Home is now available for the whole Europe but they are also ready to send your favorite selection all over the world, fell free to ask them.


ll y a quelques semaines, j'ai eu le plaisir de rencontrer la créatrice de Cinnamon Home, un magasin en ligne spécialisé dans les accessoires design Danois pour la maison.
Depuis des années déjà, Gabi, est tombée amoureuse au cours de ses voyages des maisons scandinaves remplies de jolis objets, faits mains. Arrivée à Luxembourg il y a quelques années, elle a pensé qu'il était temps de faire découvrir ces marques et fabricants scandinaves au marché Luxembourgeois. Après quelques mois de préparatifs très motivants, le magasin en ligne Cinnamon Home à ouvert ses portes le 13 juin 2014.

Melinda une spécialiste marketing internet a rejoint l'équipe et ces deux femmes offrent désormais une expérience, simple, facile et agréable où l'on peut facilement trouver ce que l'on cherche.
Cinnamon Home est dès à présent ouvert pour toute l'Europe, mais les jeunes femmes sont déjà prêtes à envoyer votre sélection d'objets favoris à travers le monde, demandez leur !




If you find something you like in the manufacturer's catalog, but you don't find it in the shop, please, send them an e-mail.
visit Cinnamon Home

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23Sep 2014

100% design London selection

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100% design London is now over, I had the pleasure to make a tour last Friday, here are what I've selected...

my chouchou:
BENTU studio
I recently presented in the Friday Shopping selection a light fixture in concrete and wood... here, same spirit: concrete is THE thing, THE element

sincerity, simplicity, pattern, a super emotional design

impressive product, innovative & experimental: handmade rugs made of materials considered worthless
These women do a partnership with places where they know that exists a waste of fabric related to the fashion industry ; and they use this waste to these rugs.


LEFF Amsterdam
'Nobody needs a clock-. That's why our clocks tell interesting stories not just the time' is their moto
and they are right !
wsiiazquo8w4ymvyxvjfssrownz0cgr2buatuhy4xge_zwjosdqd8dyb8hntlujivbuvfo8wctwkrjiziygvd_0_1_1_1_1_2.jpeg It worked on me, especially with this copper 'brick' =):


nice concept and design for this LED light glass mold piece, that helps the plants to grow


To finish, I am a bit fed up with the fact that we always see the same bathroom fixtures in architects projects, brands like Duravit, Agape...
I had the pleasure to discover this brand of taps and faucets that really works on the topic differently and bring some quality and style to these functionals elements
The Watermark collection from Brooklyn


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