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18Nov 2014

masculine touch and colors

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I have to admit, I have something for masculine touch in decoration, deep, dark and not too bright colors...
Je dois avouer, j'ai un petit crush pour la touche masculine en terme de déco, profond, sombre, avec des couleurs pas trop criardes...
What do you think of that one ?


Situated in Berlin, nice inspiration for everybody that likes sober and modern interiors.
Situé à Berlin, c'est une belle inspiration pour ceux qui aiment les intérieurs modernes et sobres.


Available for short term rental :-)

YOU WANT MORE masculine appartments and inspiration ? c'est par ici

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09Nov 2014


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I always thought... some days I will start a collection.
But not a collection just to start a collection. I thought about it for a long time.

And I took my decision. It will be small pieces of art on paper: ink, pencil...
What do you think of the following artists to start ?

Robert Lansden - inks on paper
I had the pleasure to discover this artist through one of my dear friend and I have to say that in reality, these pieces of art are really well done, delicate, impressive.

Same spirit; but through an approach, that I really appreciate : the map
original.jpg detail
Robert Walden

Audrey Stone

without forgetting the delicate work of Pauline Galiana and her serie: 'shredded'

so, What do you think of the following artists to start ?

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22Oct 2014

Breathtaking view

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Villa E in Morocco by Studio Ko

What gives you more wwwwaaaouuhhh effect to a home, a hotel... than the view ?
Qu'est ce qui donne plus d'effet à une maison, un hôtel... qu'une vue à couper le souffle ?

Villa-E-by-Studio-Ko-in-Morocco-Yellowtrace-20.jpg Sitting at the peak of a hill in the Moroccan mountain ranges, Villa E rises up from the landscape, like a form extruded from the earth. The locally sourced Oika stone walling reads like an extension of the landscape.

Assise au sommet d'une colline marocaine, villa E sort du paysage comme une excroissance de la terre. Une pierre sourcée localement : Oika a été utilisée pour les murs et se lit comme une extension du paysage.

nice mix between contemporary lines and earthy textures of the Moroccan aesthetic
beau mix entre lignes contemporaines et textures terreuses de l'esthétique marocaine

via Yellowtrace

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14Oct 2014

lighting / luminaire : go for a line

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Are you looking for a floor lamp ? not a lot of space ?
Vous cherchez un lampadaire ? pas beaucoup de place ?

Go for one of these models / styles, to think and look out of the box.
Craquez pour un de ces modèles / styles, pour sortir des sentiers battus.

supernova by Delta Light (1150 EUR)

Manana Lamp (335 EUR)

Flos, Aim Cavo Spina by Bouroullec (549 EUR)

OK, Flos, Constantin Grcic (530 EUR)

classic and warm : Gestures of Craft by Elke van den Hoogen

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